These paintings are a representation of the grieving process, which everyone experiences.

Each painting represents a stage of the process, and are symbolic reflections of the emotions felt and experienced.

Elephants are revered for their large size and majestic mannerism. Their ability to influence others and sustain friendships are important to the elephant group, while other animals it is often aggression or dominance. 

Elephants have strong family groups and demonstrate leadership through wisdom and strength. Having shown self-awareness and empathy, elephants are socially intelligent; shedding tears and even trying to bury their dead. 

The water represents a force, hard to walk in, making the load harder to carry. A negative force which is surrounding and beyond control; unresolved feelings of stress and drowning in negative thoughts and emotion. Not thinking clearly enough to find the proper solutions to the problems in your life.

The splattered paint used in the background represents violence. 

The bright color is a representation of living life in the full spectrum of color; emotions are felt and expressed to the fullest. Nothing is black and white.

The long legs are a symbolism of instability and weariness. 

Buildings represent the responsibilities, burdens. A load to carry either of spiritual, emotional or physical in nature.

The final painting The Climb is the last stage of the process, a representations of an awakening in your life. 

Stages of Grief 

Shall I Fall: Shock

Carry Me River: Denial

Anchor: Anger

Show Me How to Float: Guilt

Meek Beacon: Despair

Hope: Depression 

Foundation: Acceptance 

The Climb: The Awakening

Elephants, Buildings, Water, Houses, Bright Color
Elephant, Buildings, Anger, Bright Color, Water, Long legs
Elephant, Water, Bright Color, Light, Buildings
Elephat, Water, Bright Color, Buildngs
Elephant, Buildings, bright color,
Water, Elephant, Bright Coler, Buildings, Long Legs
Elephant, Water, Light, Brigt Color, Buildings
Elephant, Buildings, Walking, Bright Color
Elephants, Houses, Buildings, Bright Colors, Water