JNichols was born in 1976 in Salt Lake City Utah. He began drawing at a very early age and was inspired by various cartoons and comic books. Some standout inspiration in his earlier years came from, MAD comics, Dr. Seuss and the first black and white Disney cartoons.

In the late 80’s early 90’s Nichols discovered the unground world of street art and graffiti, and was very influence after watching Style Wars (A PBS documentary on graffiti). Other inspirations at the time were Robert Crumb and the animated movies of Ralph Baski’s, which still influence his work to this day. 

     Nichols obsession with the weird, twisted cities and buildings came after watching Cool World and the art of Barry Jackson. After that Nichols was hooked, turning simplistic box shapes and distorting their natural order was a must for him.

      Proud to be self-taught, Nichols limited the majority of his early work in “Black Books” using sticker paper and various mediums including colored pencil, markers and watercolors. Later on that evolved into air bush, spray paint and eventually morphed back into the acrylic paintings that he creates today. Nichols current preference is acrylic paint on birch wood.

Nichols has kept his work out of the sight of the public for over thirty years, enjoying it more as a hobby.  In 2015 after being encouraged by long-time local Artist and Friend, Darrell Driver and family, Nichols decided to debut his fantasy world to the public to enjoy.